Innovating, incubating and accelerating growth in the Agri Food and Technology sectors in the Eastern Ontario Lowlands area.

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Working together!

Our purpose is to work together as a single organization to promote growth in the
Agri East Lowlands.

Agri East Lowlands will bring local Agri producers together, from academia, research, manufacturing, technological leaders, financial supporter to funding agencies.

We aim to co-create opportunities for Agri Industries; tourism, training and academia, food production, technology and economic development.

In doing so, our consortium of partners will raise awareness of the Agri East Lowlands region in eastern Ontario as a unique, diverse Agri region, rich in production and technological development, testing implementation and tourism.

An innovative and collaborative partnership of various stakeholders within the Agri East Lowlands region for the development and promotion of the area as the premier destination for Agri Food and Technology industries.

The Region: Agri East Lowlands

Comprising an area within the Ottawa, Rideau & St. Lawrence rivers.
Our partners include:

Ottawa Centre for Open Innovation & Networking (COIN)
Barrhaven Business Improvement Area (BBIA)
Cornwall Innovation Centre
Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development
The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
Leeds & Grenville & Townships

Our Current Projects

Advisory Committee Draft Recommendations

Within the AEL partnership umbrella, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Counties, Cornwall, and the Akwesasne Food and Agriculture Advisory Council are drafting a series of development recommendations for the region to be completed by December 31, 2018. This joint Committee meets monthly. The August 2018 meeting will focus on the region of Akwesasne. We are currently setting up a smaller working group that will include key stakeholders from the greater community to identify current opportunities and create a plan for collaboration.


Agri Tech Sector Boot Camps

Through the Ontario Emerging Jobs Institute, we are offering 10-week boot camps for up to 40 students to train in the Agri Tech sector.

We are looking to partner with educational institutions to build this curriculum as well as future programming in emerging Agri technology and food-related fields.


We want to hear from you.

Learn more about Agri East Lowlands and how you can get involved. Feel free to contact us:

Andrea Steenbakkers - Executive Director, Barrhaven BIA: execdirector@barrhavenbia.ca

Michael MacGillivray - Executive Director, SFDC/SADC Cornwall & The Counties/Les Comtes: mmacgillivray@mycommunityfutures.ca

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